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Stepparent Adoption In Texas

Any number of scenarios can and do occur in the world of blended families. The presence or absence of the other birth parent in the picture will often have an impact on whether adoption becomes a goal. Whatever the circumstances, lawyer Kellye Hughes is prepared to facilitate your pursuit of adoption in your blended family.

A stepparent adoption is part of a natural sequence of events in many families at the time of a second marriage or afterward. The quasiparental relationship between a stepparent and a child may begin at any point. The stepchild may be still unborn; he or she may be an infant, a toddler, a school-aged child, a teenager or a young adult. Every family is unique, and the decision to adopt a stepchild can come about through many factors. The births of children in a second marriage who are half-siblings of a stepchild sometimes trigger serious exploration of stepparent adoption.

When legal adoption becomes a clearly articulated goal in the family, it is time to consult with an attorney experienced in such cases. Even if you are thinking of the idea but not yet certain, please contact Hughes Law Center in Arlington to explore your options, no matter what age the child is and how long the new marriage has been in place. Lawyer Kellye Hughes and legal assistant Julie Cobb are adoptive parents and experienced professionals in this area of the law. Hughes Law Center is a valuable source of information for stepparents interested in adopting.

In Addition To Stepparent Adoptions: Adoption Of Adults, Grandparent Adoption, Foreign Adoption Recognition

You may be a stepparent wishing to adopt a child you already have a parental relationship with. You may be a former foster parent wishing to adopt your former foster child who has aged out of the foster care system. You may be a senior citizen interested in adopting an adult caregiver. You may be parents in an international adoption situation, with a need to have your child's foreign adoption recognized in this country. Hughes Law Center is equipped to assist in independently arranged adoption cases, including:

  • Single-parent adoptions
  • Grandparent adoptions
  • Adoptions by other family members such as adult siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins
  • Contested adoption for stepparents — when a biological parent (perhaps alienated and behind on child support) seeks to block adoption by a stepparent
  • Foreign adoption recognition in the U.S.

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