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First of all, congratulations on the adoption of your child from another country, if this description fits your situation. Hughes Law Center is here to help you with the U.S. legalities surrounding your international adoption.

Perhaps an international adoption agency helped you locate, take custody of and adopt your child overseas. Or perhaps you were living and working abroad as a missionary or in another occupation, discovered an opportunity for a private adoption and were successful in doing so, whether it was in China, Guatemala, Mexico, Sudan or another country. Maybe you hope to find yourself in one of these situations and are looking for a lawyer's blueprint on how to streamline the adoption on the U.S. side of things.

Whatever pathway your foreign adoption journey took, once your family is going to return or has returned to the United States, your child will need to have his or her adoption abroad recognized in this country as the next step toward solidification of your new family ties.

Recognition of the adoption in this country will allow you to obtain a birth certificate in the U.S., enroll your child in school, function as a fully legitimate parent for purposes of health care and otherwise enjoy all the rights and privileges of an adoptive family. Attorney Kellye Hughes is prepared to help you complete this necessary final step in this country.

Hughes Law Firm In Arlington, Texas, Can Advise And Assist With Foreign Adoption Recognition

Read about our firm and send an email or just call 817-789-4555 to learn how we can streamline the process of completing your child's international adoption in the U.S. after adoption abroad.


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