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The phrase "adult adoption" takes many people by surprise. In fact, adoption after age 18 is fairly common, particularly in situations such as these:

  • Obstacles have stood in the way of adoption of a foster child, stepchild or grandchild despite the existence of a well-established parental relationship; now that soon-to-be son or daughter is 18 and nothing stands in the way anymore. Perhaps a birth parent or Child Protective Services (CPS) put up roadblocks. With the age of majority comes the young person's freedom to consent to his or her own adoption. The parental rights of a birth parent are no longer in the way.
  • A caregiver of a disabled or elderly person is not a relative, but has become as close as a son or daughter. To make the family relationship official, the older person proposes and the young person agrees to an adoption. This can be especially satisfying when the older person has no children or the caregiver has no parents, or both. Whatever the circumstances, an adult adoption can be the way to go if both parties want it and no obstacles remain.

Hughes Law Center in Arlington, Texas, can help you formalize your family-like relationship and make you truly family members. Lawyer Kellye Hughes has dedicated her legal career to the practice of family law, including foster parent adoptions and private adoptions of all kinds. She prides herself on clear communication, compassion and clarity.

Know Your Rights — Know Your Options — Know How To Make It Real

The legal process of adult adoption is not complicated, but education is a key component of an adult adoption facilitated by Hughes Law Center. If timing before a marriage or some other special factors are part of the picture, you can count on attorney Kellye Hughes to guide you efficiently through all necessary processes.

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