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Guiding Families Through The Process Of Private Adoption

The circumstances of private adoptions vary as much as human relationships do. In an independent adoption scenario, Hughes Law Center nearly always represents the adoptive parents. Attorney Kellye Hughes brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the task of guiding clients through the adoption process. With the goal of a completed adoption clearly in focus, Hughes Law Center works closely with clients to make their family-building dreams come true.

Are You A Prospective Adoptive Parent With An Available Child Already Identified? Contact Hughes Law Center In Arlington For Help.

Our firm does not locate children available for adoption. Rather, clients come to us with a child and birth mother or birth parents in mind. Sometimes direct communication is already underway; in other cases, there is a referral through a mutual friend or other contact.

You may be a prospective adoptive parent who has identified a birth mother ready to relinquish her child (still unborn or already born) for adoption. Kellye Hughes is prepared to respond promptly to facilitate the legal components of your family-building efforts. She will tell you honestly of any obstacles that may make your case more difficult than others — or even not achievable. When the answer is, "Yes, you can," she is prepared to help you meet all legal requirements in the state of Texas.

Services we offer for prospective adoptive parents in private adoption cases include:

  • Preplacement consultations (before a child has been located) to educate prospective parents about the adoption process and their options
  • Clear communication to make sure the adoption process goes as smoothly as it can from start to finish
  • Hospital meetings with birth mothers and adoptive parents when necessary and appropriate
  • Acquisition of new birth certificates
  • Guidance through issues such as termination of parental rights of birth parents
  • Litigation as needed, such as when an adoption is contested because of a birth father's stance or any other reason

We can handle all aspects of your adoption from start to finish, including arranging your home study. You will never have to search out other professionals on your own.

In addition to walking you through the legal aspects of adoption, Texas lawyer Kellye Hughes is highly suited to advise you on the human aspects of adoption. She is the adoptive mother of three children, and legal assistant Julie Cobb at Hughes Law Center is also an adoptive mother. As adoptive parents, we are uniquely situated to understand the complexities and frustrations of this process, as well as the joy it ultimately brings.

Kellye Hughes has handled more than 400 adoptions. She has given many seminars on this topic and has mentored and supervised many law students involved in adoption cases.

Handling All Varieties Of Adoptions, Including Challenging Cases

Whatever the circumstances, we can help, including:

  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Adoption of adults — such as aged-out former foster children
  • Recognition of international adoptions that have already occurred abroad
  • Contested adoptions — including after the fact

We do more than just simple adoptions. If terminating parental rights presents special challenges or if something else goes wrong with the adoption, we will stay with you until the matter is resolved. If yours is not a winnable case, we are not going to take your money. Our attorney, Kellye Hughes, prides herself on being honest with clients and not simply telling them what they want to hear.

Get The Answers And Help You Need Without Delay

No matter where you are in the private adoption process — just wondering about it, ready to move forward or tackling special challenges — Hughes Law Center is a valuable resource in the Arlington area. Call 817-789-4555 or email us through this website to request a consultation.


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