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Child Protective Services Defense

We are committed to families. Kellye Hughes has fought CPS ... and won. She has a passion for protecting Texas families from false allegations and the resulting government intrusion. If Child Protective Services (CPS) is Goliath, attorney Kellye Hughes is ready with stones and a slingshot. A battle worth taking on is a battle to win. Protecting parental rights and watching out for children's well-being are closely related concerns at Hughes Law Center.

Foster parents and CPS parents alike frequently retain Hughes Law Center to try to compel CPS to do what is right: to protect the best interest of the child.

When A Parent Or Caregiver Faces False Accusations Of Child Neglect Or Child Abuse

We are prepared to provide an aggressive defense for parents, day care workers and foster parents against false allegations. We work on these cases for a flat, fixed fee. You will know what the case is going to cost from start to finish when Hughes Law Center represents you. There is no hourly billing, so you will never worry about picking up the phone or asking vital questions.

Our firm takes great pride in representing parents falsely accused by Child Protective Services of abusing their children. Anyone can anonymously call in a CPS report against you. CPS is mandated by law to investigate these allegations. You need a competent, aggressive attorney on your side. We represent foster agencies and day care centers and parents at hearings before the State Office of Administrative Hearings for a flat, fixed fee.

When A CPS Adoption Runs Into Trouble

Sometimes after the adoption of a child through CPS, the child may develop or demonstrate behavioral or mental health issues that defy a parent's ability to cope. If mental health problems prevent your child from remaining in your home, we can advise you.

Hughes Law Center has the skills and resources to assist you if the child you adopted through CPS is in a psychiatric treatment center and you feel unable to take your child home. In such a situation, CPS may threaten you with jail time if you refuse to pick your child up from the treatment center. We can protect your rights as well as the best interest of your child.

What To Do If You Need Help With A CPS Case

If you have been contacted by CPS, the actions you take are critical. Contacting an experienced attorney can be vital in protecting your parental rights or even protecting you from incarceration. Kellye Hughes has extensive experience working with CPS to ensure the protection and welfare of children and families. She understands that in many cases, allegations made or suspicions raised are without merit. Request a consultation as soon as possible to discuss your next steps and how Hughes Law Center can help. Call 817-789-4555 or email us through this website.


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